Monday, June 23, 2008

Featured Nyanga National Park

Our feature is the majestic Nyanga National Park. This majestic park is situated in one of the most scenic areas of Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands. With its stunning mountainous views, numerous waterfalls, varied activities and unique flora and fauna, Nyanga National Park will provide the visitor with an unforgettable holiday experience.

Why Visit?
Nyanga National Park is known for two things – its scenic views, and its cool refreshing environment. Amongst many scenic views are Mount Nyangani, Nyangombe Falls, Rhodes Museum, and Trout Hatchery.

The legendary Mount Nyangani is Zimbabwe’s highest point at 2593 metres. It offers a challenging climb and spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The Nyangombe Falls are a beautiful series of cascading waterfalls located on the western edge of the Park, a 15-minute walk from the carpark. Rhodes Museum is found near the Park entrance and is housed in part of Cecil John Rhodes’ Nyanga summer home. Trout Hatchery found near Purdon Dam provides an up-close view of the source of game fish stocked in many of the Park’s rivers and dams.

Logistics & Statistics
Rolling green hills and perennial rivers transverse the 47 000 hectare Park. Altitudes between 1800 and 2593 metres provide cool weather and fresh mountain air, perfect for rest and relaxation. Nyanga National Park is located 260 kilometres east of Harare. Visitors may take the Harare – Mutare Road east for 170 kilometres to Rusape and turn left. Follow the Nyanga road for 90 kilometres and turn right at the Main Park entrance. From Mutare, visitors should take the Harare – Mutare Road west for 11 kilometres and turn right at the Juliasdale road. Follow this road for 85 kilometres to the end and turn toward Nyanga Village. Turn right at the Main Park entrance, 13 kilometres further.

Most of the Park lies at an altitude of between 2000 to 2500 metres and remains cool throughout the year. Maximum summer temperatures can reach 26 degrees Celcius and minimum temperatures in winter can be as low as -3 degrees Celcius.

Accommodation & Facilities
There are lodges available at three camps in Nyanga National Park. The lodges are self-catering facilities with fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, stove and cooking utensils. Cooking facilities are available on wood fires. Ablution and toilet facilities are provided in communal blocks. Tents and camping equipment are not available for hire. Electricity is available at certain caravan sites. The camping site is situated near the Nyanombe River. Entrance is approximately 3 kilometres west of Rhodes Tourist Office on the Nyanga Village Road. The site is well sheltered and has plenty of trees.

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